Spam: How to investigate, and what to do

Spam: How to investigate, and what to do

Questionable text messages happen to all of us. What should you do about them?

We get a message out of the blue saying we have won something, or something we never ordered is on its way.

Today’s was:
Costco: Jessica your code 64753 printed on your receipt from 26 came in 2nd in your email our Airpods draw: followed by a link.

I copied the link to my search browser to see if it was legit, and got a bunch of links reporting it as scam.

I looked up what to do with spam, and both blocked the number and reported it to my carrier.. and forwarded it to SPAM (7726)

What should you do when you get such a message?

1. Be skeptical and DON’T Click the link.

2. copy a key phrase or even the whole message if needed into your web brower, and search.. this will usually pull up a bunch of references if it is spam.

or Check or other reputable fact checking site

or Independently contact the organization that the message is from, IE if it is about your amazon account, check with amazon that they sent the message.

3. On Iphone.. if it is a new message you can block it.. and that will also forward the message to your carrier as a potential spam.

4. forward the text message to SPAM – 7726

More helpful information can be found here

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