The Tides of Luck, Coincidence and Synchronicity

The Tides of Luck, Coincidence and Synchronicity

Do you believe in Luck

Do you believe the world is completely random, or that everything is predestined?

I tend to believe it is in between, that there is both randomness and order in my life.  No one cares if I win a particular game of cards. But sometimes stuff happens that is decidedly non random.

Reiki works in part by influencing luck, making more beneficial outcomes more likely.  Strengthening the non-randomness of the world.  Or by working to bring the timing of what does happen more in alignment of a better outcome, for example, by making you hunt your keys so you will avoid a possible accident.

Even as a world renown and dedicated Reiki Master, I find Reiki is variable in the world, there are times when it is completely normal, and other times it becomes eerily specific.

Sometimes these specific things have a message. Like being lost and meeting someone you know that can give you directions.  Other times it is like the universe poking you in the ribs and saying ‘look what we pulled off.’  And you are just to smile and be impressed.

Other times it is like a tide, and multiple things go your way.  Many of them inconsequential.

Think about the lottery. To guess one of the 36 numbers is cool.. and if you have a group of people, between you, you are likely to guess all the numbers that are in this weeks lottery.  This is similar to being in any group of people, there is a good chance that two will share the same birthday… this is coincidence.

Synchronicities is when you have multiple coincidences all creating a single and significant outcome. If one person guesses two  numbers in a 36 number lottery, the chances of guessing 1 is 1 in 36, two numbers is 1 in 36×36, three numbers is 1 in 36x36x36 and so on.

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