Technique: Reiki Suds and Water

Technique: Reiki Suds and Water

This Reiki Explorer technique appeared in June 2021.

Focus on the palm of your hand.. and if you are Reiki 2+ focus on the power symbol.

Now think of soap suds.. and put the palms of your hands facing near each other.. and bounce them in and out while visualizing soap suds.. like from a really good shampoo commercial.. see them getting thicker and thicker.

Reiki soap suds.

Now pick an area of difficulty on your body. Apply the Reiki suds and rub it into the aura over the area.

Especially dirty areas may take several repetitions.. but should be a difference in how it feels from each pass.

bidet shower, bidet spray, bidet sprayer or health faucet / cartoon vector and illustration, black and white, hand drawn, sketch style, isolated on white background.

Switch visualizations and now imagine your hand as a shower sprayer of reiki water, and wash away the the suds.

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