Reiki Legislation

Areas Of Reiki Legislation


NONE of these efforts are concerned with people practicing Reiki on themselves, family and friends which is the fast majority of Reiki Practitioners.  Reiki is safe, and legal everywhere.

The laws are all focused on people who wish to practice Reiki as a business. Think of it as similar to cooking. It is completely legal to cook for yourselves and others,  but there are laws governing people cooking for other people professionally.

Efforts to Legislate the Practice of Reiki

There are ongoing efforts to legislate the practice of Reiki, either directly, or as an unintended side effect of a more general bill addressed towards practitioners not registered with the state.   Reiki should not be a major practice of concern, because we do not require people to disrobe, physically manipulate the body in way that could cause harm, or encourage the use of supplements.

California Laws

The following laws clarified how Reiki practitioners could legally practice Reiki in California as a business. Essentially you need to make it clear you are not a medical practitioner, and make it clear you are not doing massage. I include my own article, and another similar article from another Reiki Practitioner.


Laws in other states:

This website is an excellent place to start, but also search for further information for your state.

Efforts to License Reiki

The second category concerns having some kind of state or national licensing for Reiki, which immediately creates enormous concerns about who is setting the standards for training, and what costs and additional classwork (like ethics) might be involved.

There are a number of activist organizations out there trying to defeat such bills.

The organization behind much of this is the NCCOEP.. here is there website:



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