Improve the Teaching Of Reiki

Improve the Teaching Of Reiki

“Has anyone ever gotten through one of your Reiki classes without thinking there was something to it?…My Answer… No”

Reiki Explorer evolved with a fundamental rethinking of much of how Reiki classes are taught.

Note: This Article will be added to over time, and blogs/links may be added.

Crowdsourcing of Student Experience

Every class is a unique combination of students with varying degrees of energetic sensitivity. Encourage them to learn from and help each other, and validate the experiences of the current class with the experiences of your past classes.  Avoid “everyone will feel this”, and instead either use “Most people feels this”.. or better yet.. “About 70% of my students find”

Every class is a chance for the teacher to learn more about Reiki, and about the variety of student perceptions. Students learn from each other, and the variety of reactions. Sensitivity increases with practice, and so hearing the experiences of more sensitive students is great way for less sensitive students to gain confidence and no what it means as they improve.

Validate all Students

Ability with Reiki is a bell curve. most students fall in the middle. Reiki is not about being the best, its about being willing to take the time to use it.

Often less sensitive students are powerful senders.  For many the sensations of doing Reiki can be more subtle than they like, and so feedback from student partners is very important.

The majority of students are kinesthetic.. they can feel energy. Only a few can see energy, and feeling is actually more practical. Some simply know, with little sensation. Let all of them feel validated.

Provable Principles of Reiki Use

As little as possible should be ‘because teacher said so.’ You may not have the time for demonstrations on all concepts in every class, but students should understand that they can request them. That they can kick the tires of Reiki and see how it works.

  • Which hand is stronger-left or right
  • Which hand is more sensitive -left or right
  • How does Reiki flow through practitioner
  • What is an aura

Demonstrate Reality of Symbols

Reiki symbols are very abstract. Do everything you can to make them more concrete.

After Reiki 2 attunement, I highly recommend having students draw the energy of the power symbol in the air, and see if they an find it with their hands, and discuss how it feels.

Then repeat with the other symbols, to compare.