This page is still under construction!.. not all links exist yet.  looking for great info to add in these categories.. contact me with ideas and links.  Also look for blog posts in these categories.

This section contains valuable information for Reiki Practitioners, Teachers, and researchers. This section is a combination of original articles by Jessica, summaries of blog entries and bulletin board posts, and curated links to other valuable Reiki resources.


Teaching Reiki Resources (soon)

Information of interest to those teaching and professionally practice Reiki. Business Issues, and Great ideas for improving Reiki Student Experiences


Scientific Research on Reiki/ Reiki in Medical Settings

Links to scientific books and journal articles on Reiki and similar arts, articles on Reiki done in medical settings


Reiki Legislation

Information and resources on legislation affecting practice of Reiki, for practitioners, nurses, and others


Historical Research on Reiki

History of the History of Reiki, Notable researchers and websites on Reiki History, The Hawayo Takata Archives


Reiki Explorer Techniques

Articles by Jessica and others using Reiki Explorer Techniques, manual excerpts, how to incorporate Reiki Explorer techniques into regular practice, special purpose techniques for working with viruses such as covid


Reiki in the News

Reiki has been features on major news outlets, newspaper and magazine articles, and shows like Dr OZ, and even reality tv shows.


Kurama Mountain

Visual Gallery on Reiki’s Birthplace, and how it has changed over time, information about Jessica’s upcoming and past Reiki Pilgrimages to the mountain, Reiki’s Birthplace


Non-Reiki Interests

Rubel Castle, Kyoto, Cambria, Sound Healing, favorite TV/Books/poems. and even book I wrote on State Quarters.

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