ReikiList: Sending Daily Energy to Group

ReikiList: Sending Daily Energy to Group

Every day I send Reiki to nearly 100 people multiple times a day as part of the program.

I find that most of the people on my list are practitioners, but don’t always find the time to send to their own issues. ReikiList gives everyone a bit of extra to help meet the challenges of their life, and sometimes it just helps to know there is someone in their corner helping out.

I have learned a lot from sending to ReikiList. Early on I realized I can get a sense of what is going on in the world by how much Reiki it takes to ‘fill’ the list. Especially during the uncertainty of the early months of the Covid pandemic, I was spending a lot of extra time sending to the ReikiList.

Each day I also send out a text message regarding my focus for the day. Sometimes I focus on health, sometimes accomplishment or relationships. I connect to the Reiki energy and ask what is most needed for the Reikilist for the day.

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