Reiki Teaching and Practice in the Pandemic Age

Reiki Teaching and Practice in the Pandemic Age

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to fill the world with uncertainty. It has affected us all at so many levels, far more profoundly than I can attempt in this blog article, so for here I want to focus on how it has affected my teaching and Reiki practice.

First, I experienced immobility, not being able to believe this was happening, not being able to believe this wasn't just a few weeks (or months) in isolation and we were done. I found that even as I had more time on my hands, I became less productive, it was harder to see the way forward as to what I should get accomplished. I also found that my daily list of people to send to (, especially in the early months of this, took more time to 'fill', reflecting the numbers of people that were having much of the same difficulties I was.

I canceled all my in-person classes and events. My last in-person classes and healing nights were in April and May of 2020. It is now over a year later, July 2021, and I am just testing the waters again to see if there is interest in starting up again.

To supplement my Reiki income, I work part time in my local grocery store; exhausting, tedious... but steady, and in this pandemic, oddly heroic way to be of service. For many living alone, grocery clerks were their major social interaction for the week.

My online sessions business started building, and continues to build. I have an increasing number that want sessions when they are dealing with extra stress. A number of people that get a monthly session, and a few that do sessions weekly.

For someone teaching for 25 years in person and feeling it was superior, transitioning to teaching online classes was a challenge. Because I been doing online healing nights and events I knew it would be effective. It is just different.

I felt right away that I did not want to teach day long classes online, or ask others to do so.  And so I started experimenting with breaking up the classes into multiple pieces.  I have experimented with a few different formats. its been nice cause people that cant attend a full weekend or who live far away can attend, but I still miss the in person experience.  I am also reconsidering day long online events. There is just so much uncertainty. Even with the vaccines, the possibility of another surge is a real possibility.  When one needs to schedule classes 6 months to a year in advance, what do you do when he world is so uncertain.

My answer is to take smaller steps.. and build in contingencies, and to allow time for the world and my intuition to settle.

In the spring of 2021 I felt like I was waking up again, but its been a slow process.

I started doing online Reiki healing night.

Once I got vaccinated, I started doing in-person sessions again, in March of 2021, mostly to long time

Up until now my major income had been classes.

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