Reiki Sessions

Top Reasons People Come to Jessica for Sessions

  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Reducing fear of public speaking
  • Improving performance at school or work
  • Reducing pain and swelling
  • Improving business relationships
  • Release of Stress
  • Migraine release
  • Covid-19 healing
  • Improve Acting and Singing
  • Healing/Releasing Ghosts and Spirts

Want to learn more of What Reiki Explorer can do?…

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What Are Reiki Explorer Sessions Like?

Reiki Explorer Sessions with Jessica Miller are individual, just like you are.

Sessions are a combination of conversation about how you are doing, releasing blocked energy, and sending positive energy to both you and your deepest concerns, including sending to other people.

Sending Reiki while we are talking helps ‘light up’ areas in your energy field related to the subject at hand, be it physical, emotional, or life experience related, and makes the issue easier to work with and heal. Energetic insight, if received, is shared to deepen your healing. Once Reiki releases the frozen energy around the issue from the body, the mind follows, and also lets it go, usually in minutes.


Other sessions are more silent and restful, and just let the Reiki work, it just depends on how the energy flows that day, and what you want and need.

Most issues improve in a single session. On a self-reported scale 0-10, 85% of my clients improve 30% --80% in one of their top 3 issues in a single session, online or in person, especially on mental/emotional issues. Some issues are projects that require more long-term attention to get maximum benefit, and monthly or weekly sessions are available. Reiki is not a substitute for physical or medical care, but it can make the process of going through such care far less traumatic and tend to improve outcomes.

Reiki practitioners wanting extra help, or just to try Reiki Explorer are especially welcome. Many of Jessica’s clients are also Reiki Practitioners, wanting to take advantage of Jessica’s 25+ years of experience.

Improvement Moneyback Guarantee

The only way to discover if Reiki will work for you is to try it. Our experience is that Reiki will make an at least 20% improvement on some aspect or concern for over 85% of clients in a single session, with lasting, often permanent results

Improvements may not always be on the thing you came in for, Reiki is not predictable, but it will be noticeable, and valuable. If you are not satisfied, I will return your money. (One session refund per person)

Reiki is a complementary not alternative medicine. Please continue to follow the advice of your doctor for any medical ailments.

Reiki Explorer Sessions In Person

Jessica will travel to your home to do Reiki sessions both in the greater San Jose, and Greater Los Angeles area of California, when she is in the vicinity, which is 1 week every other month.

She lives, and is available more regularly on the Greater San Luis Obispo area (I live in Cambria), which is about midway between LA and SF.

Jessica will wear a mask, and sanitize hands and table, and can use your bed sheets.

Sessions In Person 45 minutes

$100/session plus travel if more than 45 minutes out of my way.


Contact Jessica to Schedule (I try to group sessions in similar areas)


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

John Doe


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Jane Doe


Reiki Explorer Sessions Online

Sessions will be done on via Zoom, Facetime or Skype.. your choice.

Sessions Online
$45 per half hour, $80 per hour

Discounts available if pre-purchase block of sessions

$45 per half hour, $80 per hour

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