News: The Atlantic Monthly – April 2020

News: The Atlantic Monthly – April 2020

In the mainstream magazine, the Atlantic Monthly ran a promienent article on Reiki.

It starts with the experience of a nurse running a program at a Veterans Affairs medical canter, where she introduced Reiki 10 years ago in the face of much skepticism from doctors and nurses who called it “that crap”.

But there is nothing so pragmatic as people that find something worked. Pain levels decreased, sleep and mood improved.

Belief in such systems is ancient. Hypocrites (as in Hippocratic Oath) discusses such. from the article “The text doesn’t explicitly juxtapose these two notions—healing energy and causal determinism—or attempt to resolve any friction that may exist between them. Instead, it suggests that both are true at once: Everything that happens has a natural cause, and some people have a radiating heat in their hands that has curative power.”

The article goes on to discuss her own Reiki Training and experiences.. a thoughtful, thought provoking article.

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