Detailed Class Topics

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Reiki 1&2 Explorer (Beginner Class)

Everything you need to know to do hands on healing on self and others. Reiki to people far away, and mental/emotional healing.

  • Reiki’s use in home, businesses and hospitals
  • Reiki’s Origin in Meiji Era Japan and Mt Kurama
  • Reiki experience and common sensations to receive
  • Qualities of Reiki: Ease of use, Effectiveness, Easy to learn
  • Reiki 1 Empowerment (multiple in online class)
  • Experiment – which hand stronger, is focus needed, aura scan, do/receive
  • What can Reiki help with

  • Theories on how does Reiki Work
  • Headache Technique, Ice Pick Technique, Reconnection Sweep
  • Gassho Meditation
  • Hand Positions on self and others
  • Hand Positions practice
  • Reiki through objects: into feet through shoes, through chair
  • How to do a complete Reiki session
  • Scanning/Byosen - feeling and interpreting energy felt when doing session
  • Reiji and Kenyoku… Japanese techniques to begin and end session
  • Answers to Common Reiki Questions
  • Sharing Student Reiki Real world experiences and perspectives
  • Clearing Reaction, and how to manage if they occur
  • Reiki Chair Treatments
  • Reiki Meditation and Energy theory of meditation
  • How to Clear and fill Room with Reiki energy
  • Reiki and Animals
  • Explaining Reiki to Ordinary People
  • Reiki 2 Empowerment
  • Tricks for learning Reiki 2 symbols
  • Experience - What does energy of each symbol feel like?
  • Why Use Reiki Symbols
  • Testing drawing vs Intending symbols
  • Documenting Reiki Sessions
  • Use of Energy stick to perceive energy in your environment
  • Energetic Trash Collection
  • Grounding Technique
  • Fire Fingers Anger/Frustration shoulder tension release
  • Chimney Technique for Releasing client tension in sessions
  • How to draw and use Reiki symbols, names and origin
  • Using Symbols in Reiki Sessions – customizing session to client
  • Create and test your Reiki Box of energy around you
  • Increasing Reiki energy in hands, and in problem areas of client
  • How to make a magic object with Reiki – such as a calming stone
  • How to clear negative energy from electronics, and medications
  • Reiki Techniques as Recipes not rules. Importance of Intention
  • Charging food and water with Reiki
  • Reiki Space Clearing, and Reiki for Buildings
  • Releasing fears and phobias
  • Limits and Opportunities of emotional healing
  • Healing by using reiki to Listen to the body’s emotional complaints
  • Simplified and Detailed methods of sending distance Reiki
  • Reiki always works for Highest Good, permission implications
  • Ongoing reiki development
  • Bringing Reiki into your world

Reiki Master Explorer (Advanced)

Advanced Tools, Techniques and understanding of Reiki, and to teach Reiki Explorer to others.

  • The Body Speaks – Emotional Metaphysics
  • “Roller Coaster” Trauma Release Technique
  • Aura Strengthening – Moving Meditation
  • Reiki for Empaths… opening/closing auric window technique
  • Energy Field Shape
  • Running Reiki Business in California
  • Reiki 1&2 Explorer Concept Review
  • Time Line Reiki – healing across time
  • Situational Reiki – healing all aspects of situation
  • House Blessing Stones
  • Crystal Healing and Reiki Grids, “Talking” to Crystals
  • Reiki to Deepen Perception/Work with Natural World
  • Working with Nature energies, Sacred Places
  • Reiki Mastery Practitioner and Teacher Empowerment
  • Sending the Soul Home, Soul Retrieval Technique
  • Levels of the Soul – Helping those stuck in life
  • Keeping your balance in the Invisible world
  • Energy field shape and blockages
  • Experiment: Where does reiki enter practitioner (not the crown)
  • Healing Ghosts and Spirits
  • Reiki as Metaphysics Exploration Tool
  • How to connect others to the Energy of Reiki (attument/ignition)
  • How to teach Reiki Mini Class
  • How to teach full length in person Reiki Class
  • How to teach Reiki Class online
  • Business Cards and Advertising
  • Reiki as Business
  • Ethics of Teaching Reiki
  • Reiki Healing Events
  • Reiki Status in California

Karuna Master Explorer Expert

Expert concepts and ideas on the nature of divine existence and greater energies to work with it. Karuna Explorer is an evolution of the Karuna Reiki™ developed by the International Center for Reiki Training, based on Jessica’s decades of experience with it.

  • Origin of Karuna Explorer
  • Demonstration of Karuna Energy bands compared to Usui Reiki
  • Karuna 1 Symbols: Establishing your divine presence on earth
  • Healing past life and karmic issues
  • Shadow self healing
  • Past life healing and cellular memory
  • Subtractive and additive Reiki
  • Releasing physical and emotional pain
  • Unifying the soul
  • Karuna 1 and Karuna 2 empowerments
  • Connecting to divine knowledge
  • Prioritizing life goals
  • Claiming your power
  • Generational Healing
  • How to do Karuna Empowerment
  • How to teach Karuna
  • How to develop Reiki systems

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