Everyone on the planet should learn Reiki and Reiki Explorer. Reiki relieves stress, promotes healing and so much more, and empowers the practitioner with the tools to make positive change in his or her life, and the lives of the people around you.

Whether your interests are the practical aspects of healing people you know, or if you wish to focus on strengthening your intuitive gifts, or spiritual exploration, Reiki Explorer will empower you. Whether you become full time focused on Reiki, or whether it just helps your life work better Reiki training can help.

Class manuals Available on Amazon

Want to see what Reiki Explorer is like? While you cannot learn any form of Reiki solely from the manuals, reading them will give you a great idea of what Reiki Explorer is about. Our manuals are evolving, so your feedback, and new technique ideas are welcome.

Explore what Reiki can really do! Based on over 20 years experience training thousands in Reiki, Reiki explorer is a revolutionary new approach well suited to the stresses and opportunities of the modern age.

The best Reiki Master manual out there continuing the tradition of Reiki Explorer. Based on 20+ years of teaching and innovation, Reiki Explorer Mastery gives a very full skill set for beginning and repeat Reiki Practitioners alike.

Deepest level of Karuna Healing. This manual is in process, but still available to Jessica Miller and her students.

Online vs In-Person Classes

Reiki classes have traditionally been taught in person in a weekend format. This allows the maximum transfer of energy from teacher to student, and the best opportunities for students to share and have the experience of working on each other. In-person classes are currently on hold, unless privately scheduled due to pandemic, but are expected to resume in second half of 2021

Online classes offer other advantages. In Reiki Explorer, each class Level is broken up into multiple sessions over the course of a month, allowing more time for students to integrate the material and practice, and many find the shorter class sessions easier to manage. Online Classes include multiple empowerments per level to ensure students are getting the maximum amount of Reiki possible.

Reiki Explorer Class Levels

Anyone can have Healing Hands!

Everyone on the planet should learn Reiki. Similar in results to energy healing techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years, (such as laying-on-hands, or chi kung) Reiki is easy to learn, and can be done successfully by people of all levels of innate ability and experience. Reiki works by enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself and can be used on oneself and others. It is amazing for relieving stress and the severity of stress related illness.

Reiki can be done in formal sessions, like spa massage or acupuncture, but can also be extremely effective during work coffee breaks, on airplanes. Reiki is also practical help for headaches, stress, phobias, recovery, and improving intuition.

Everyone can benefit from learning this amazing healing energy.



  • Reiki 1 &2 Explorer (Beginner): Reiki 1 Ability to do healing on self and others in the same room. Reiki2 adds Ability to send healing energy to anyone anywhere, additional power, mental/emotional healing,

  • Reiki 3: Reiki Master Explorer (Advanced): Advanced tools, including healing, grids, ghost healing, levels of soul and more. Everything you need to know to teach Reiki Explorer.

  • Karuna Explorer (Expert): Tools for Establishing your divine presence on earth, and accomplishing your divine mission

Detailed Class Topics

Want a more indepth idea of what Reiki Explorer classes cover?

Class Schedule:

If there is a class level you would like to take at a different time of day or location, ior if you wish to enquire about classes further in future, contact Jessica to see if it could be arranged.

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