Calling in the Energy

Calling in the Energy

Start by taking a few deep breaths.

Breathe deeper into your body with each breath.

What part of your body are you breathing from.. Where is your focus? Head, heart, chest.. belly.. Try to get your breath deeper into your body.

Tighten your toes and relax, trying to bring your breath further down each time.  See if you can get into your hip bones.

Now connect into the energy of Reiki. You can use your own technique or:

I open to the divine, and the divine power of Reiki, and invite the energies of my guides and angels to assist me and celebrate with me, this healing experience.

Visualize a mist of reiki energy, in what ever color calls to you.

Breath it in, taking in the energy you most need, changing color as needed  Focus, and breathe out all that is stuck in you that you don’t need.

Repeat til you feel clear.

We give thanks we give thanks we give thanks.


Color Associations: Use what  feels right

Health:  Red for blood, green as growth

Relaxation: Pale blue, pale green, white

Spiritual connections: Gold, silver, white, blue

Grounding: Jewel tones.. turquoise, brown, tan, Black



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