Welcome to ReikiExplorer.com, your ultimate source for all things related to Reiki healing and personal growth journey. This platform is led by a remarkable individual who has amassed an impressive array of accomplishments in the field of energy healing.

Meet our guiding light, Jessica Miller, is a true pioneer and expert in the world of Reiki with over three decades of experience. Jessica Miller has studied multiple Western and Japanese Reiki lineages, Including Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire Reiki, and Jikiden Reiki.

In 2001, she hiked and first experienced the energy of Kurama mountain in Japan, the mountain where Mikao Usui first received the Reiki, and has since hiked it more than 150 times. Her full color book, Reiki's Birthplace, A Site Guide to Kurama Mountain has been much deeply appreciated by those planning a trip to Japan, and for those that just wish to dream of doing so.

Reiki Explorer is an expansion of traditional forms of Reiki with a unique toolkit of techniques and concepts based on her three decades of intuition, experimentation and teaching of Reiki to more than 5000 students. This makes Reiki Explorer ideal for both beginners and those looking to expand their Reiki abilities. While learning Reiki requires an attunement, practitioners of all Reiki schools can benefit from the Reiki Explorer core curriculum manuals.

At ReikiExplorer.com, we are privileged to have Jessica Miller as our guiding force. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion, and personal growth has left an indelible mark on everyone she encounters. Join us on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery, and unlock your true potential with the guidance of a true Reiki master.

Jessica today lives on the Central Coast of California, and teaches and does sessions online.



Teaching Style and Philosophy

I believe teaching Reiki is not just about teaching students the art of Reiki healing, but equally about empowering the individual student to believe in themselves, their ability to think about Reiki logically, and their ability to make positive change in the world.

Unlike most forms of holistic healing and medicine, Reiki is about both table sessions and giving the individual tools to make their life, and the lives of the people around them, better in a myriad of ways. My teaching style emphasizes professionalism; combined with a deep belief in the power of casual, everyday Reiki to solve problems and transform lives.

Jessica enjoying sun and sea where lives in Cambria, CA

Jess teaching at the Grand Canyon

Dressing up when lived at Rubel Castle 

Jessica deluged but elated, when asked for a blessing from the island of Maui, Hawaii

Jessica at Reiki’s birthplace, on Kurama Mountain in Kyoto, Japan which she has hiked over 150 times.

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