Welcome to Reiki Explorer, the next step on your journey of healing and spiritual exploration.

Reiki Master Teacher Jessica Miller has been helping ‘fellow travelers’ like you with classes, healing sessions, ongoing energetic support, and valuable information for over 30 years (since 1992).

The first section of this page is for those wishing to work with Jessica. Scroll down further for our Reiki Resources section.


Meet Up

Meet Jessica and experience what Reiki Explorer is all about. Weekly online meetups, Feel the Energy Videos.


Reiki Sessions

Top Reasons People Love Sessions with Jessica (Some will surprise you.) Links to schedule online sessions everywhere and In-person sessions in California.



Whether a first-time student or an experienced Reiki Teacher. Reiki Explorer Classes will give you new tools for healing yourself, others and improving the world around you. In-person in California, and ONLINE from anywhere. See the Reiki Explorer Manuals


ReikiList Ongoing Support

Support your healing and life’s adventure with ReikiList Ongoing support. Small doses of Reiki sent multiple times a day, every day, with a text message (optional) with the daily focus.

Reiki and Reiki Explorer

Reiki is a non-religious form of laying on hands that anyone can learn. Originally from early 1900s Japan, it activates the healing ki/chi energy of your hands and can be used in person and at a distance. Practiced in millions of homes worldwide, and in many leading hospitals.

Reiki Explorer adds techniques to traditional Reiki for releasing energy blocks as well as adding energy to the body, including many that can be done to produce results in 1-3 minutes, as well as included in longer sessions. It can also be used to explore the energy sacred places and the spiritual world.

Reiki Explorer was created by Reiki Master Jessica Miller who has been doing Reiki since 1992, and trained over 4000 people, and used that knowledge and experience to create an exciting and evolving school of Reiki.


This section contains valuable information for Reiki Practitioners, Teachers, and researchers. This section is a combination of original articles by Jessica, summaries of blog entries, and curated links to other valuable Reiki resources.

(This section is under construction.. your comments and suggestions very useful)

  • Improving the teaching of Reiki
  • Reiki Explorer Techniques (soon)
  • Kurama Mountain: Reiki’s Birthplace (soon)
  • Reiki and the Law
  • Scientific Research on Reiki (soon)
  • Historical Research on Reiki (soon)
  • Reiki in the News – videos in the media
  • Non-Reiki Interests – Rubel Castle, Favorites (soon)

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